About Us

Saree Sense is a womenswear label that truly embodies the unique Singaporean spirit of being Cosmopolitan and Vibrant in nature.

We, at Saree Sense, believe that much of today’s high fashion is lovely to see but unrealistic for personal use. Therefore we strive to bridge the divide between the runway and a practical yet fashionable wardrobe.  

The label has repositioned the adornment of Sarees by treating the entire six yards of cloth as a canvas of artistic expression, thus moving the Saree away from its customary intent, to a outfit of choice for the Urban Chic dresser to wear to a myriad of events.

Each piece in our collection is a limited edition item, skilfully handcrafted and renowned for its path breaking use of bold prints and vibrant colours. We promise that our garments are not only pleasing to the eye but luxurious to the touch and worth its weight in gold.

On 9th August 2014, Saree Sense launched its inaugural range for NDP2014, “The Singapore Saree - Heritage Collection” for Fall/Winter 2014. Capturing the uniquely Singaporean facets of life, the digitally printed Saree designs encapsulate the essence of the Singaporean lifestyle.

We have drawn inspiration from elements that are common to not only a citizen but an expat and tourist alike, such as the HDB, MRT and even the Durian, as well as the more familiar motifs inspired by our National Flag and flora and fauna, for this collection.

This year for Singapore's 50th Anniversary, we present our Jubilee Collection. A series of 10 designs commemorate the SG50 celebrations and aim to illustrate our nation's journey towards excellence.

An extension of the Heritage Collection FW14, this entire Jubilee collection has been inspired by significant milestones in our country's history, which bring back fond and nostalgic memories; from the first national service conscription in 1967 to the latest UNESCO World Heritage site inscription of the Botanic Gardens, there is a saree design for everyone.

These sarees are a tribute to our ever-progressive nation. Majulah Singapura!