Garden (City) Garden


We all know how it is to walk through our 'Garden City', but how does it feel to look at it from above? GARDEN (CITY) GARDEN examines the relationship between the geometric urban-scape and the organic lushness of our city-garden where the scale of the two is inversed from a bird’s eye view.

The buildings are re-calibrated through the perspective of a magnificent tree canopy and roads blend like vines to form the branches of the tree. As our city sets to reinvent itself in the new millennium into a 'City in a Garden', this piece takes on the playful tone of re-positioning the city back into its garden.

Colour: Blue & Green
Material: Digital print on Crêpe De Chine, blue satin piping & blue sequin embellishments
Dimensions: 6m by 1.06m
Collection: Heritage Collection FW'14
Care Instructions: Dry Clean only

* Also available in Waterjet Satin

Please Note:
This Saree comes with a plain blue (un-stitched) blouse material of 1m. 
Creative blouse seen on model is for illustration only. Ready-made blouse not provided.

Should you need assistance with a tailored blouse, please write to us at

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